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Cashew Whole is enhanced with high calorie and fat content. It contains several health advantages because of their rich mineral content. It is rich in iron, Zinc, Copper and Manganese for metabolism. It is enormous for adding creamy texture to your dishes with no overpowering other flavors. You can also enjoy entire cashews as a snack on their own.

Cashew nuts being very rich in taste are a common ingredient in desserts and are used to make oils. They make excellent garnish for baked goods.

Iron in diet supports immune system and helps white blood cells destroy infectious agents. The benefits of zinc and copper content in whole cashews activate hundreds of proteins which aid in the production of energy and strengthen your blood vessels. Manganese is especially important if you suffer from diabetes.


Being a good a source of iron they help prevent "anemia". The fat contained in the nut is healthy for the heart. They promote bone and teeth health, and aid digestion, and help boost the body's metabolism.bout

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